How the design world is fighting the Covid-19

How the design world is fighting the Covid-19

Who would have thought that Decathlon, the sports leisure specialist, would save lives? But since his full-face snorkeling mask, the aptly named “Easybreath”, was adapted as an emergency ventilator in saturated hospitals, his model has been around the world.The brilliant idea was born from the collaboration between a doctor from Brescia, Renato Favero and the Lombard company Isinnova, specializing in digital printing.The firm had started, at the start of the pandemic, in the production of 3D printed valves for respiratory devices, before considering adapt the famous Decathlon mask.The patent is now deployed in Spain, the United States, and with the APHP in France ...A fast and efficient way to overcome the cruel lack of equipment.

It is because in the face of the Coronavirus, the solidarity of brains, design collectives and industries has been set in motion.First in Italy, the country most affected in Europe which since the start of the pandemic has seen the With the hashtag Design Resistenza, Valentina Dalla Costa, Cristina Provenzano and Claudio Moltani, three Milanese journalists specializing in the sector have launched their virtual platform posting photos and videos of the various creative initiatives across the country.

But Italian creativity is not the only one.Everywhere, we see the emergence of calls for projects.Public video conferences are organized in order to discuss, exchange, think about ...The famous Swiss furniture brand Vitra has been collaborating for a long time with big names in design, researchers, architects, it has a real campus in Germany dedicated to production and creation and has been organizing a series of live talks on Instagram every Thursday since April 2, 2020 in order to discuss design in time crisis.

Posted Date: 2021-02-04

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