The essential equipment in a professional kitchen

The creation of a restaurant requires many fundamental steps for the smooth running of the activity. Of course, the kitchen and all the necessary equipment are among the essential points.

The oven in the professional kitchen

The oven is available in a wide range of models: electric, gas, halogen, forced air, steam, convection, mixed, low temperature… Each type of oven has its own specificity, but it is essential to choose a model suitable for professional use. Fortunately, there are online suppliers such as Roller Grill that offer good quality second-hand professional ovens.

The oven is one of the must-haves to have in a restaurant, as it offers a wide variety of cooking methods and is suitable for most foods: meats, vegetables, pastries, gratins…

Professional cookware

This is a set of utensils that are indispensable for the professional cook to do his job well.The cookware set consists of an assortment of pots, pans, stewpans, saucepans, frying pans, woks… They are used for the preparation of most of the dishes on a restaurant’s menu. The cookware set is available in many materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, ceramics and copper.

The professional dishwasher

After each service, it is essential to be able to do the dishes quickly and impeccably. In a restaurant, several options are possible: washing up, dishwashing… The dishwasher is more efficient as it facilitates the whole process: just place the dirty cutlery and plates in the machine and leave it running.

The professional models have a very large capacity and incorporate several practical options, but it is always advisable to rinse the plates under water before putting them in the dishwasher to avoid residues that can cause clogging and damage the machine. Professional dishwashers with integrated water softeners are the most recommended for catering.

Another professional appliance, the bain-marie

The bain-marie is an indispensable appliance in a professional kitchen, as it allows you to cook, poach, melt and has an option to keep prepared dishes warm. This equipment is particularly popular with restaurants, caterers, communities … Most establishments that must provide several services face certain requirements in terms of quantity and quality of food offered.The water bath is also available in several models: one or more tanks, with integrated drain, cold maintenance, hot maintenance, electric, gas … It is advisable to choose according to the needs of your daily activity.

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